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Why Choose Surf & Turf?

Surf & Turf Instant Shelters are Canada's leading supplier of instant shelters and mini marquees, available in various grades for every budget and offers the widest range of sizes, colours and accessories.

We are experts in branding, making your pop up instant shelter a highly visible marketing tool whenever erected.

We have the longest and broadest experience of any instant shelter companies in the UK and Europe and have now expanded to the Canadian and North American market

At Surf & Turf Instant Shelters we use our buying power to deliver the best value instant marquees and gazebos.


A quality product, at an unbeatable price, delivered to your door.

Also bespoke branded promotional canopies, flags, banners and accessories.


Our price is unbeatable and we challenge any company to offer a like-for-like mini marquee or gazebo for the same price! LOWEST PRICE.

Whilst others may look similar, they are not the same.

Buying from Surf & Turf Instant Shelters ensures you are dealing direct, there are no middlemen.

We supply Instant shelters to the exhibition, event, motor sport and leisure industries.

We do not sell unrelated products and are proud to be known as experts in our field.

Many national and international companies as well as fundraisers, armed forces and famous household names have benefited from our in house branding facilities.

Visual impact that works - you can create lasting impressions with vivid logos and designs with our printing and branding service, making your shelter a highly visible marketing tool whenever erected.

Surf & Turf Instant Shelters are the most practical and robust instant marquees. We are continuously developing, designing & innovating our range of instant shelters and accessories.

We do not stop improving or products.

We are proud to be known as the Market leaders, we lead others follow

Whatever promotional requirement you have, we can help.......

Full range of canopies and frames to suit every budget, more sizes, more fabric colours, flags, banners and a huge range of carrying and tie down accessories, flight cases, lighting, folding counters and tables, printed table covers, flooring ........ it's all here.

80% of our business is recommended from a previous customer or repeat sales.

We take customer service very seriously and genuinely listen to your feedback and suggestions.

The knowledge we have with instant shelters is second to none, this is born out of years of experience and a great depth technical training.

Our aim is to ensure you make the most informed best value purchase based on your requirements, whether it be work related or pleasure.

So, if you are not sure which product to choose, please drop us an e mail or give us a call 905 664 4758 and we will be happy to help.

We lead others follow; you may have seen our competitors offering similar products, they just cannot seem to get it right.  We take it as a compliment that they constantly try to mirror our range of shelters and accessories. We are normally 3 or 4 steps ahead.

Our after sales service is second to none, we offer help, advise and most importantly a full range of spare parts for all our products..



We stock a large range of spare parts for our shelters, please call or contact us for more details.


Frequently Asked Questions

We do deliver across Canada and North America, so contact us for a quote.

You are welcome to collect or use your own agents for shipping.

Delivery times vary depending on loaction for unbranded shelters.

Printed and branded shelters normally take 10/14 days from confirmation of artwork, however if you need it quicker please do not hesitate to ask, we will always try to work to your deadline

You may nominate a day, but not a time as standard.

We can offer various timed options for delivery but these incur additional cost.

The courier will leave a card to say they have attempted to deliver your Surf & Turf Instant Shelter. The details on the card include the local depot telephone number, you will need to call this number to re-arrange delivery of the order or to collect it yourself.

Yes. Give us a call 905 664 4758 or drop us an e-mail

Weights and dimensions are provided on the each size of shelters page.

Weights and dimensions are provided on the each size of shelters page.

No assembly required. It is a folding structure designed to go up in a few minutes.

This is due to a fully assembled frame made of scissor working parts and telescopic legs.

Another advantage is that the canopy can remain permanently attached to the frame thus saving time it would take to put it on every time you use the shelter. For more information and better demonstration please see our erection videos.

To erect the frame and canopy will take you about 60 seconds. To attach the sidewalls around 3mins. Job done.

With heavy duty Velcro around the top of the canopy, Velcro straps around the framework and legs, webbing straps and zips that join each panel together.

The sides can also peg into the ground.

Yes it can, but there are pros and cons.

Obviously doing this saves time and you don't have to remember how to attach it although it only takes a couple of minutes if you are familiar with the system.

On the other hand if you use it professionally for exhibitions, markets etc. and the shelter is often being transported you should consider keeping the canopy detached from the frame if not being used.
The reason being that the vibrations and shaking during transport can cause the frame parts and joints to rub against the fabric/ rubber coating and thus inflicting damage to the canvas.

Our Canopro Elite shelters are supplied with Neoprene Joint Protectors - Unique to Surf & Turf Instant Shelters, our neoprene sleeves cover all joints, connectors and central spider joints to assist the protection of the canopy material from being damaged against the frame. Neoprene Joint Protectors are also available as an optional extra for our Canopro Lite shelter range.

Yes in a specific way.

Obviously the frames are made for one specific size and cannot be adjusted to any other size, but thanks to our unique guttering system and joining kit you can join more marquees together.

For example should a 10'x10' prove to be to small in the future, you can purchase another unit of the same size and join them together to have a 20'x10' marquee as a result.

See the accessories section for details.

This is a very difficult question to answer and it depends on many different aspects.

Is it going to be used for a garden or professionally to do exhibitions, sporting events etc.?

If it is the latter is it going to be outdoors or indoors events?

Is the head clearance important?

Is the weight and size when folded important?

Is it going to stay up for a longer period of time or not?

Is it going to be used on a regular bases or only occasionally?

How much am I willing to invest?

Am I having the canopy branded?

All these questions are necessary to establish your requirements and find the best solution. You will find most of the answers in the description of each product and range we sell.

Generally one can say that spending more money means getting yourself a better product - stronger frame, better and thicker canopy, better UV protection, etc. But please contact us to discuss the options with you

Most of our comprehensive portfolio of marquees/instant shelters are flame retardant.

This applies in particular to the Canopro Elite Instant Shelter.

This characteristic is specified individually for every marquee/instant shelter/party tent and each product to which this applies is Flame Retardant to BS 7837 : 1996.

The visual areas of our instant shelters have proven to be a very effective advertising medium.

Whenever the canopy is erected your pop up shelter instantly becomes a highly visible marketing tool, the combination of vivid logos or designs creates a lasting impression, a simple and highly effective promotional tent.

We have produced thousands of branded canopies for promotional  purposes, see a small selection in the individual page for each shelter size and the gallery.

We can provide a quote free of charge simply send us your details, logos etc with a brief of positions, size and grade of shelter and we shall prepare a quote with no obligation.

If you wish to go ahead we always produce a confirmation proof for your approval.

Set up instructions for our whole range of instant shelters are available.

Please contact us for details

Our whole range of marquees/instant shelters/party tents and all other products on our website are covered by a manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects.

However if the goods are damaged in adverse weather or by improper use this is not covered, we can however in most cases find a remedy and supply spare parts.

This particularly applies to all our marquees and instant shelters.

Yes, or we can send you the parts, all our frames are nut and bolt for ease of maintenance.

Yes you can get spare parts for all the items we sell.

You can buy any part of the frame, spare canopy, new sidewalls, and spare pegs, tie down kits etc.

Choosing a solution with several smaller structures joined together with our special gutter kit certainly has several advantages. Most importantly it provides you with the flexibility to alter the size of the covered area.

As an example two of our 10'x10' shelters will cover two separate areas of the same size or one 20'x10' area.

For some customers handling two smaller structures is less demanding in terms of physical strength than handling one large one.

This is the reason why a lot of our customers prefer this solution. It also provides you with greater flexibility

Yes, all our marquees/instant shelters/party tents must be properly anchored, this is essential to avoid wind/storm damage.

It is absolutely necessary to prevent the marquee/instant shelter/party tent from taking off as this might cause not only irreversible damage to the shelter itself but could also lead to damaging other property.

All our shelters and marquees are therefore supplied with a tie-down kit. 

Like the old saying goes, a house is as only as strong as its foundations.

A peg & guy rope kit is included free of charge.

Hard standing kits, weights, ground bars are available as an accessory.

We also offer an extra anchor kit containing marquee pegs and straps.